Monday, 31 July 2017

Guardian of the galaxy?

24th of July
Today we all being focus about guardian of the galaxy?   
On the very first day we went to assembly. When we got there, all of us sat down, the light turn off, I was bit scared. And we all look up the top of the roof, there was lots of stars to see also there was a little spaceship appear out of nowhere it stop and went to the stage. Two weird people came out and try to get us, but luckily two new hero came out to defeat them. They were Mr Jacobson and Mr Somerville.

This is about that I could remember
All the Team 1 to 5 is so good making movies and performing also singing to.

Team 5 is the singing. Miss Judd was singing about how far I go, They mix it. Team 5 had no movies, but team 1 to 4 made a movie to watch. Team 3 is so funny, when Mr Moran Dress up like a girl and singing Let it go. Everyone was laughing. Team 1 was when teacher went to outer space, they realise that they miss their teaching at Pt England School, so they went back to Point England to teach again.