Monday, 25 September 2017

Pt England School The Aims Games

Elections 2017

Speech Reflection

I forgot to post this team 3 week 3 it was my speech 

Speech The Final Team 3 Week 2

Reason 1: My topic is about student should have chromebook
Is student’s allowed to have chromebooks. Well I will start ok.

Well have you ever wondered why student use chromebook but not paper and pencils? Is that right?
Well there is a story about the chromebook.  
Chromebook chromebook chromebook we all love chromebooks and use them well.  They help us everyday with our learning.

What if we think about paper with pencils?  We have to write all of the work that our teacher give us. But Chromebook on the other hand all of the work we can get straight into our work without having to copy questions.  

Well Mr Burt went to Manaiakalani to talk with them, and the Manaiakalani people decided that Point England School should have chromebook. They did so and this is where the digital learning began.

I think Point England School was the first school in New Zealand to have chromebook of their own. Year 4 to 8 used the Chromebooks.  

When I got here we were using paper and pencils my paper and pencils in the junior school. Chromebook is really good but we need to learn Chromebook when she get those and stuff just Chromebook and check but your writing is correct if it's not correct you need to learn a lot of things that's why advice I could give you instead of using your Chromebook. Chromebook is like you can do you work put on a folder and also play games with it that what some people do, Right?

That is all I have to say thank you.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Little Red Fox

WALT - Identify how words add meaning and fun to story telling