Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My Idea of a fun weekend

My Idea of a Fun Weekend

Going to see my GrandParents, Playing Minecraft with my cousin, and going to school is just a few ideas of what I think is a fun weekend.
1st element
Going to see Grandparents  
On March the 7th i will be travelling by plane to visit my grandparents whom live in Burma.
I was born in Burma and me and my family left Burma to come to New Zealand. I was only 4 years old.
I will be very happy when i see my grandparents as i do not remember them.   
2nd element
Playing Minecraft
We get to go on each other word and survive in the word.
And Build a house to survive at night, because at night there a lots of monster like Zombie Skeleton Spider Creeper. And sometime we go on btd battle to vs each other.  
3rd element
Going to the zoo
The zoo is a fun weekend to see lot of animals like Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Giraffe, hippo, crocodile, Bamboo, Monkeys, Rhinos Elephants, meerkat, birds.
There are lots of animals to see
The the end of my idea of a fun weekend. The most I like going to the zoo and play minecraft and go to see my grandparents.

Our Treasure Island

Our Treasure Island is about a bird on Codfish Island and it is called kakapo. Some of you may heard of the kakapo.