Tuesday, 17 October 2017

2017 Immersion Assembly Term 4

2017 Immersion Assembly Term 4

Today we had assembly and the topic this term is about musically madness.    To start the assembly Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr Jacobson and Mr wiseman came up onto the stage and started to play the song that they made together, the song is called musically madness save the day.

First up was Team 1.  Team one was about how the songs effective there body moving. And also they played different songs and showed different emotions with every songs.   Moving up to Team 2

Team two was next.  Ms Gaston went up and started to play the ukulele, she was singing in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleep tonight. And Team two teacher come up and played with her. After that one of the teacher said play faster, so that did and the teacher went off one at a time.    Any way now it time for Team 3
Team three made a movie about all the different songs and how that they were singing it, it was awesome to see they sing with lots of songs that they picked.  Keep going just two more team to go you are almost there keep reading it.

Next up is Team four . Team 4 is all about how to learned different instruments, and how it impact on us. Team four movie was funny, Now the last Team to go.

Last up was Team five, Team 5 was so funny when Mr wiseman said to Mrs Tapuke “Hello my sweet heart” I was laughing so hard. Any way the kids come and sat on the couch and watch the lion king, that keep on changing the music, one of the music was let it go then the money lift up the new born lion, I couldn't stop laughing.

The was the end of the assembly for Term 4 thank you for reading my story about the immersion assembly.