Friday, 19 February 2016

Jack Goes Camping

Once there was a boy called Jack. He went with his family for a holiday trip. They travelled in their car. It took a long time to get there. When they got there Jake was excited for the camp site in the deep deep forest.  

Jack helped his mum and dad unpack the car. His mum said “Go get some wood for the camp fire” Jack went to get the stuff that his mum ordered him. By the lake that had a lots of trees. He saw a family that had no food. The dad of the family said to Jack “ Can you give us some food please” Ok “ you look like food can we eat you” No… “I will give you some food but don’t eat me please. I don’t look like food to you”. I will be right back.

So Jake went to get some food for the other family. He asked his mum for food and he said “ It’s for the family by the lake and they have no food. They forgot their food mum”.   Mum said “ Let’s give them some food and drink”  “Let’s go by the lake” They went by the lake and gave them some food and drink.  “Here is some food” “Thank you so much”.  

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