Friday, 18 March 2016

Narrative Pirate

Once upon a time there lived a pirate named Captain Jack. He sailed the seven seas with his crew in a ship called Bucky. He like to wear an eyepatch, and a Sword on his back.

One day Captain Jack went with his crew they were sailing and they came across an island. Captain Jack thought to himself. “There must be hidden treasure somewhere”. Captain Jack said to crew “go find the treasure”. That was the hidden treasure on Never land Island.

They searching and searching and search, all of the island but the treasure was hidden behind the two palm trees. One of this crew saw a the palm trees and there was a button and he press on it, the crew came to have a look what he was up to. The crew shouted  to Captain Jack “Come here and see the treasure there was a lots and lots of treasures!” So the Captain come over where was the crew. “ Wow that is the lots of treasure! Who founded”  Said the crew “It was him your crew sir”  “let's take all of the treasure” The Captain and all of his crew want to the ship of all of the treasure until it empty in the secret place. And they live happily ever after. The End!!!!!.   

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