Friday, 6 May 2016

My holiday

It’s the end of term one, I’m so excited for the school holiday and I really can’t wait. Me and my mum with my baby sister Aie Sorn went to sylvia park shopping center. And my sister was having fun. When we finished playing we went to have a look around the shops. By the outside I saw a person jumping on the big giant balloon like a trampoline, and inside the big balloon. It had water outside of the big pool.

On the Second week on the holiday, Me, my brother Tawara and my cousin John we play monster games. Me and John try to the defeat the evil Ice king which is my brother. That the end of the game we finally defeat the Ice king.

The end of the holiday we went to my friend house to talk about something and I was play with Aie Sorn my sister. It was running up and down I have to get her and she have to run.

During the school holidays, I mostly enjoyed all of the things I did. The next holiday I hope at to do it again.

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