Monday, 30 April 2018

My Holiday

Today I'm gonna tell you guys about my holiday. It's the end term 1 so great to have a holiday, some country they don't get to have a holiday when the end of the term. We are lucky to get these holiday and have a break

On Saturday me and my family except for my dad, we went riverside to do Mon festival 2018 in New Zealand, there were another Mon people there as well to celebrate Mon new year, it was supposed to be water festival but it was raining hard so the adults decided to have a fun game, the game was tug of wall, chicken dance, and also tomato run, and also our alphabet to put them in older, those where the games.

First up it was the alphabet, to do the alphabet you have to know your alphabet, but our one is hard it is not like ABC it is different and really hard. There were 5 boys vs 5 girls, fortunately, the girls lose because the boys got help from the adults, but there was no one is allowed to help, so we the girls lost and the boys won. 

Ok next game it is the tomato run, this is how the tomato run game rules are, you have to run to the tomato plant where the tomato is in, and you have run back to your plant and dropped it on to it, you are only allowed to get one at a time, also if you finished the tomato you have 1st 2sec 3rd 4th, My cousin came 1st I came 2sec and i forgot who came 3rd and 4th. That what i did in the holiday. I hope you like what i did in the holiday. 

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