Thursday, 11 September 2014

Goldilocks and the three bear's

I have been learning to write complete sentences, add details, and change the beginnings of my sentences.

One summers day, I was sitting in my swing I went up and down in my backyard. My mum told me to not go to the forest and I said ok. When I saw are beautiful was directing a follow,and I saw rabbit, I jump out of my swing and I chase after the rabbit.But the rabbit was in the sorrowed forest.I stop and I look around,I was lost in the forest .But I was lost in  in the forest.Then the three bear was in the homes a father bear a mother bear and baby bear.There was a three porridge the father bear said my porridge is too hot the mother bear said let go of a walk outside.Baby bear got a balloon but the balloon went up on the tree.I saw the balloon and chase after the balloon.I saw a small house.I one dower on who live here.I look to the window but there was on one house. I noticed on the door and I open the door and I saw a three porridge.I titer the big one but it was too hot I titer the malitt but it was too lamp I went to the little porridge it was just ridet of me.I went upstairs and I saw three bed I titer the big one but it was too big of me and I titer the medium bed it was too l lamp I went of the medium I titer the little one but it was just right of me.When the three bear the father bear a mother bear and baby bear come to there house the father bear said same one eating my porridge the mother bear said same one eating my porridge the baby bear said same is eating my porridge too.Then  there  went to up seeds the father bear said  same one is sleeping in my bed .The mother said same one is sleeping in my bed.When the baby bear said same is sleeping on my bed I worked up and I was sorry but I forgot someone must live here and I don’t not if some live here and I’m sorry bear and I was harry I’m sorry of eating your porridge and soldering your haired I just went to related and sleeping on your bed.The bear said do you want to have a laugh with us and I said ok just 1 mained of I go to my house and the three bear said ok.



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