Thursday, 24 September 2015

Sly Fox and Little Red Hen

Once upon a time there was a Sly Fox who live in the deep, deep forest with his old mother. Sly Fox was trying to catch Little Red Hen. He went back to the forest and made a plan. He said to his old mother, “Boil the pot and I’ll bring little red hen for supper tonight.” Sly Fox went to Little Red Hen’s tree house he waited and waited until Little Red Hen came out. Little Red Hen went to get some water in the bucket. Sly Fox went into the house. Little red hen went back to her house and she saw Sly Fox in her house. She said to herself, “Sly Fox is gonna get me but I’m too clever for him.” Little Red Hen went up to her perch. ‘’You can’t get me I’m up on my perch.’’
“Alright,” said Sly Fox. “I’m gonna put my bag here.” Sly Fox went round and round until she was dizzy and she lost her balance. She fell into the bag. Sly Fox was very happy to catch Little Red Hen. Sly Fox went into the Forest but he got tired and he put the bag down by the rock. Little Red Hen saw a little hole in the bag and she was happy to escape from the bag. She went back to her little house.
When Sly Fox woke up he went home to his mother with the sack. They tipped the sack over the pot. Out came some rocks into the boiling water. It went all over them and they died. Little Red Hen lived happily ever after.   

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