Monday, 14 September 2015

The three little foxes

Once there were three little foxes.They lived with their mother in a house near the river. One day their mother said, “ Your are getting to older and big too.Their is no room for you guys to live in this house.You need to get your own house now. But mum we will get chased off by a big bad dragon who will eat us.Their mother said, “There are no such things as dragons.” They said, “Okay.”

Off they went down to the forest.
The first fox met a bear selling lots of balloons and he bought the balloon to build the his own house.The second fox saw a wolf selling some sticks and he bought the sticks to build his own house.The third fox saw a kangaroo selling bricks and he bought the bricks.He built the house but he got tired so he went to sleep by the bricks.

After that the first fox saw a dragon and he screamed and he went inside the house and he stopped screaming. The dragon said, “Open the door now or I will burn your house down.”
“No,” said the fox. The dragon burnt the house down and the fox ran to the second fox who heard the first fox calling to him. “There is are dragon. We were right and mum is not right we are.”

“ Hurry come into the house.”said his brother.

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