Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi Narrative

On a peaceful, sunny Sunday Cherry, Terry and Uncle Harry went to fish in Canada. Cherry was excited to go fishing. He never went fishing before. Uncle Harry said to the boy’s “put on your life jacket now and then get on the boat” Cherry wondered to himself why do we need life jacket? Terry and Uncle Harry put there life jacket. Terry said to Cherry why are you not in your life jacket?

When they got there where they can fish. Uncle Harry went down to the boat to get the fishing rod and the bait. Uncle Harry went up to give the fishing rod to Cherry and Terry. When they got the fishing rod Cherry forgot to get the bait. Terry said “wait the bait is not on? Cherry!!!!!!!! Nooo!!!!!!!!”. Cherry said “what” Uncle Harry said “Cherry why are you so clumsy?, No no no, the bait. “You forgot the bait in your fishing rod”. “To catch the fish big, small or median fish”.

Terry and Cherry with Uncle Harry swing the fishing rod to the sea with the bait. When Cherry caught Big Bad Barry, he didn’t know what to do with the fish. Cherry thought that maybe we should eat it and cook it or let it go. Terry said “did you caught a big, small or median”. “Is this the big fish because it look like the biggest fish in the land?” Cherry asked. Then Terry got a little fish which is the smallest fish in the world. It was so small that you can’t even see it or if you put it on the water. Terry said to himself let eat the little fish or let it go? Terry didn’t knew that he can take it home and cook it.

Uncle Harry asked to the boys “Did you catch some fishes?” They replied “yes I caught a big fish and I caught a little fish. Can we take it home the big fish and the little fish too”. “No you can’t take it home”. Why they said “because you don’t know if it have babies Cherry and the little fish you have to let it go, because they need a chances to grow big again Terry”.       

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