Thursday, 22 September 2016

Olympic Narrative

On a peaceful day Usain Bolt went for a walk with his friends like the other athletes. As the games was almost started. Usain Bolt went to grab his headphones to listened all of Katy Perry’s songs. He was so happy that Usain was dance and running. Usain Bolt never knew that the song was so good, he kept on going to the beach. Just then he realised he was in the middle of the ocean with no one to came and save him.

“Oh no, help me someone please save me!” Usain Bolt was yelling and yelling and yelling until he saw a boat that was so happy to listened Katy Perry. But no one noticed Usain Bolt. He was extremely sad that no one realised him. When Usain realised that his Iphones was 5%. He search someone to give a call but there was no WIFI in the middle of the ocean. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Usain Bolt was screaming and crying.

When Usain Bolt was crying someone saw him and said “Are you Usain Bolt because you look like him?” “Yes I’m Usain Bolt but can you help me to the Olympic park please can you? I’m begging!” Usain was still crying as he was saying. “Do you need help Usain Bolt” said the man “YES YES YES PLEASE HELP ME CAN I came on the boat to get back to the beach” Usain said “sure why not, come on to the boat I will take you there” the man replied back to Usain.

When Usain Bolt got to the beach he ran all the way to the olympic village but Usain Bolt didn’t know that where was the olympic village so he asked a person for directions the person said “I’m going to the olympic to watch the game maybe it gonna be so so good, hmmmm who are you anyway and why are you asking me for the directions?” “Because I need to go to the olympic village please so I can race the other people” said Usain “Ok come on you're not Usain Bolt I know that, because Usain Bolt will be at the Olympic village getting ready to race right now” said the person.    

Usain Bolt was furious at the person so he went to find someone else who can lead him to the Olympic village. It  turned out it was his best friends looking for him to go to the race. Mr Baxendine said “Come on let go to the race and finished the game so you can win the Olympic 2016 in Rio.  

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