Thursday, 3 November 2016

October E-AsTTle Writing Test - 2016

One day Terry, Cherry and Harry sing a song. Cherry walk into a forest. Harry and Terry went to Cherry to see what was Cherry walking into. They walk along the path and Cherry run to see the camping spot. He run so fast that Terry and Harry have to look for Cherry. “Cherry where are you” said Terry “we lost Cherry, now what are we going to do Terry” reply Harry “I don’t know friend and it you and me now” said Terry.  

Cherry saw a sign it say “BEWARE OF THE MONSTERS IN THE BUSH” “Monsters in the bush” said to himself.
Cherry stop and started to run to Terry. “What the matter brother” said Terry “M..m..m..m..monsters in the bush” reply Cherry

it sound that S..s..s..s s ca r..r..r..ry” said Cherry “Don’t be scary” reply Terry “come on then let go exploring” said Harry.
Terry, Cherry and Harry went into the bush. “Now we can camp” said Terry. It was getting dark so they put a campfire and  

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